Calhoun Lofts: Home Sweet Home

The grand opening of Calhoun Lofts at the University of Houston marked a pivotal point in the school’s long history: never before had UH been so committed to a project that should readily advance the school’s reputation. In a big and bold way, UH offers graduate and professional students a simple yet glamorous place to call home, a location right on campus. From now on, residents may enjoy living in an oasis of sorts, a $107.8 million, ten-story, state-of-the-art facility designed especially for them.

Calhoun Lofts comes with everything anyone could want in a living space: theatre room, coffee bar, private courtyards, study rooms, computer lab, workout equipment, Sky Lounge, Wi-Fi, and a special events kitchen. Comfortable rooms feature modern appliances, cable television, high ceilings, granite countertops, and valet parking and a part-time concierge.

The attention to design details is breathtaking. Simply standing in the building evokes a strong sense of pride. Kirksey Architects had the honors of designing the building while Pepper-Lawson Construction undertook the construction. In addition, many players were involved in the success of the facility and credit is due to subcontractors, suppliers, project managers, administrators, and a wealth of other entities.

Whether you're traveling down Wheeler Avenue, Elgin Street, Calhoun Road, or coasting along I-45, as you pass the campus, you can't help but notice Calhoun Lofts. The building strikes an attractive pose from every perspective. It shouts "I'm here! The University of Houston is a leading institution and we're taking UH places it's never been before."