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President's Excellence Award Nomination Form

Please complete the following form to nominate an outstanding University staff member for a President's Award. Please provide as much information as you are able to within the 100 word allowance permitted under each section.

For consideration, your candidate must meet all required criteria and have two recommendations, in addition to this nomination. Nominees without at least two recommendations will not be considered. As many as four (4) recommendation forms can be submitted for each nominee.

Nominee Information

Nomination Submitted by

1. Briefly describe the nominee’s job performance and proficiency in their area of responsibility.

2. Describe the nominee’s personal traits (such as dedication, loyalty, reliability, courtesy, honesty, and initiative).

3. How has the nominee continuously demonstrated service concepts necessary to support their department and the University?

4. How has the nominee displayed initiative in making improvements in work methods, standards or operations; or in developing new programs, services, or cost savings which enhance or support their department and the University?

5. Briefly describe the nominee's displayed ability to work as an effective member of their work team.

6. How has this nominee demonstrated excellent customer service internally and/or externally to the University?

7. How has this nominee contributed to student success, directly or indirectly?

8. If possible, provide a list of the nominee’s job history at the University of Houston.


You may now send emails to up to four persons who can submit recommendations on behalf of your nominee. Recommendations improve your nominee's chances of success.