UH Frontier Fiesta 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017 5 pm - 11:59 pm

Let loose with Frontier Fiesta! The event is a long-standing tradition and festival that brings the best entertainment to the UH community. See more.

Thursday's Schedule:

5:00 PM

Fiesta Opens

Carnival Rides Open, rides include: Tornado and Super Shot

Photo Booth Opens

Food Trucks Open

Student Run Carnival Booths Open

5:15 PM

Variety Show: Crow's Nest and The Golden Snake

5:30 PM

Willies Theatre: UH Got Talent (SPB)

5:45 PM

Variety Show: Delta Crossing

6:00 PM

Bud Light Stage: Step Show

Cougar Casino Opens

6:15 PM

Variety Show: Silver Spur and French Quarter

6:30 PM

Bud Light Stage: Genration Y Records

6:45 PM

Variety Show: Silver Moon and Scarlet Hall

7:15 PM

Variety Show: Crow's Nest

7:45 PM

Variety Show: Delta Crossing and The Golden Snake

8:00 PM

Bud Light Stage: Miles Presley

8:15 PM

Variety Show: French Quarter and Silver Spurs

8:45 PM

Variety Show: Scarlet Hall and Silver Moon

9:00 PM

Willie's Theatre: "The Magnificent Seven" Screening (SPB)

9:30 PM

Bud Light Stage: MC I Ckan Ryme

9:45 PM

Cougar Casino Prize Drawing

10:00 PM

Cougar Casino Closes

12:00 AM

Fiesta Closes

Event Image
Lots 20 A&C across from the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
Frontier Festa Association

Viviane Nguyen