What does Tier One mean to you?

Becoming a Carnegie-designated Tier One research university is a major milestone on University of Houston's journey to Tier One. As Houston's university, UH owes its success to the local community of friends, supporters, alumni, and students. Houston, here is your opportunity to say what Tier One means to you!
bukki shoyinka
- 01/24/2011 1:20PM
i was extremely excited to hear that U of H had become tier one. i felt that this was a big step for us and that we could now be amongst the ranks of rice ut austin and a&m. this is something we deserved and we finally got it goooo coooogggsss tier one status all the way
Gerardo Chavez
- 01/23/2011 4:31AM
As a recent alumni (Class of 2010), I'm shocked and excited to hear about UH reaching Tier 1. When I first came to the university in the fall of 2006, UH was a completely different enviorment as far as school pride and level of education. Dr. Khator, the Board of Regents, faculty,staff, alumni and students who were all involved have made signifcant steps in reaching Tier 1 and I see great things in the future happing at UH sooner than later. GO COOGS!
C. Wilson
- 01/21/2011 4:00PM
Community Member
Carnegie does not use the designation Tier 1. Instead it uses "very high research" "high research" and so on. I worry that you using the incorrect terminology makes UH look like it is trying to force a designation that it has yet to achieve. Instead, celebrate reaching "very high research university."
- 01/21/2011 12:50PM
Congratulations to all of the students, staff, faculty, alumni, community and Dr. Khator for pushing themselves and the university to the national spotlight. With constant improvement and dedication we will amount to greatness. Remember UH's motto...In Time. Tear Em Up Coogs!
- 01/21/2011 10:23AM
it means a man-made title was designated to a university which makes another excuse to raise tuition rates..
Muhammad Siddiqui
- 01/21/2011 12:14AM
It's nice to know that I can now proudly say that University of Houston is as competitive as Rice, UTAustin and A&M in terms of research. Thank you to all Faculty, Staff, Administration and fellow students for making this possible.
Xavier M.
- 01/20/2011 5:18PM
I remember just last year Dr. Khator came to our chemistry class and spoke to us about the UH's Tier One goal. I assumed it will be much after I graduate. This made me really proud to know we have an AWESOME president who doesn't just says motivational things but actually accomplishes them. Well done Dr. Khator! And I also agree with Mike M. about the admission criteria. Freshmen admission criteria should now be close to UT and A&M, transfer criteria may remain same.
UH Moderator J. Brand
- 01/20/2011 12:19PM
Alex: Thanks for your feedback, we apologize for any confusion. The ad on Chron.com ran in conjunction w/ an ad in the Chronicle, stating "OUR PRESIDENT WAS WRONG. It only took 3 years, not 10, to become a Tier 1 research university. In 2008, UH President Dr. Renu Khator set an aggressive goal - to rank as a top tier public research institution within 5 to 10 years. So on Jan. 18, when the Carnegie Foundation designated UH a Tier 1 research university, Dr. Khator was never so elated to be wrong."
Mike M
- 01/20/2011 11:19AM
UH now needs to take the bold step of reorganizing the system. A true community university modeled perhaps after CUNY needs to be fully developed. This would meet UH's obligation to serve those throughout the community who have been the traditional students at UH. The main campus can then be developed as a Tier One academic institution, with higher admission criteria comparable to UT. This student body will be around 20,000 full time students and can grow as the school's reputation grows.
- 01/20/2011 9:39AM
Community Member
Please explain what your ad on Chron.com that reads, "Our president was wrong" means. It provides absolutely no context -- remind us. Are you referring to Obama? To the president of UH? Confusing ad, and it seems designed to get a rise out of crazy Chron.com partisans.